It is said that people who are picky picky have better stomachs!

7 questions self-test spleen and stomach health!

It is said that people who are “picky picky” have better stomachs!
7 questions self-test spleen and stomach health!

See the food, eat the seaweed; family and friends gather together, make the wine happy; work overtime, sleepless nights. under the pressure of fast-paced life, the stomach is one of the most prone organs in the human body.

The data shows that Chinese patients have gastrointestinal problems.

200 million, the incidence of peptic ulcer is 10%, and the incidence of chronic gastritis is 30%. It is a well-deserved “stomach disease country”.

Among the six high-risk cancers in the world, gastrointestinal-related tumors account for five, including gastric cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, intestinal cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Regrettably, nearly half of the Chinese people have endured the stomach when they are uncomfortable, so they have not seen the doctor for a long time.

Checking the number, self-examination of the spleen and stomach health through careful observation of the skin, facial features, living conditions, can also smash the spleen and stomach problems, does not hinder the self-examination of the control.

1, whether the face is yellow or not, Wang Hongyi said that a person’s face is dim and yellow, may be spleen, mainly manifested as eating is not fragrant, stomach bloating after meals, diarrhea or loose stool symptoms.

If not treated in time, the complexion will gradually become “yellow”, that is, the cheeks are yellow, thin and withered, which is because the spleen’s gas and body fluid are insufficient, and can not provide sufficient nutrition to the body.

2, whether the nose is dim, touch the nose with your hand will find a small pit, centered on the small pit, surrounded by the physiological function of the spleen, the most obvious pathological changes.

If the nose hair red is a heat syndrome in the spleen and stomach, it is particularly good to eat, but it is easy to be hungry after eating, poor digestion and absorption, and bitter and sticky.

3, whether the lips are bloodless, dry Li Zhigang said that people with good spleen and stomach, their lips are rosy, moderate wet and dry, lubricated with light.

Conversely, if a person’s lips are dry, peeling, and bloodless, it means that the spleen and stomach are not good.

4, whether you drool when you sleep, too much temper, saliva can be transmitted normally, help us swallow and digest, will also stay in the mouth, will not overflow.

Once the temper is weak, the “salary” will not be obedient, and will drool when sleeping.

If you often do not consciously drool, you can start from the spleen and carry out conditioning.

5, whether constipation under normal circumstances, people drink water through the spleen and stomach, in order to become the body fluid of various organs, if the spleen and stomach transport capacity is weakened, it will lead to insufficient power of the large intestine, which will cause functional constipation.

6, sleep is not good old saying “stomach is not harmonious, lying restless.”

People with bad spleen and stomach, sleep quality will also be reduced, problems such as difficulty falling asleep, awakening, and more dreams.

7, mental state is not good Zhang Hude said that spleen and stomach transport disorders, easy to lead to forgetfulness, palpitation, slow response and so on.

On the contrary, the spleen and stomach, can nourish the brain, it will be refreshing, energetic, and quick thinking.

These habits of eating too much overeating will overwhelm the normal digestion and absorption rhythm of the gastrointestinal tract, causing the starch “digestive enzyme factory” to secrete a large amount of digestive juice in a short period of time, resulting in bloating, even acute gastric dilatation.Acute pancreatitis can cause pancreatic cancer in severe cases.

[Recommended]Three meals at a fixed time to avoid “great food.”

Chew slowly and slowly feel the feeling of fullness, put down the chopsticks after seven or eight minutes.

When you are in a low mood, it is recommended to distract your attention for 10 minutes, or drink a drink such as water or tea to avoid “emotional eating”.

Eating too fast If you eat too fast, the food is not boiled, eating thick food, it is easy to cause stomach ulcers, gastritis and other infectious diseases, and even lead to “long stones” in the stomach.

A study by Okayama University in Japan found that with the slow-twisting index, gorging would increase the risk of getting fat by at least three times.

[Recommended]Dinner for at least 20 minutes, each meal should be chewed and chewed softly and swallowed.

You don’t have to twitch how many times you should chew each meal, and consciously slow down.

Older people with poor spleen and stomach function should slow down the rate of eating and increase the number of chewing.

Insufficient fiber intake and severely inadequate fiber intake have led to a large number of “three high” and disease-causing patients.

A large number of supplemental fibers can promote gradual peristalsis and water swelling, prevent constipation, and change the residence time of harmful substances inside.

Studies have shown that the amount of fiber implants is expected to be inversely related to the incidence of intestinal cancer.

It is not only the supplemental fiber found in foods with a rough taste.

Barley, carrots, citrus, oats, etc. are also rich in soluble fiber, which can also slow the digestion of food, balance postprandial blood sugar, and lower plasma levels.

If there is abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other digestive tract discomfort, you can use the cooking method to treat coarse grains and fruits and vegetables into soft rotten.

Stress and anxiety The high blood pressure can be described as the largest “emotional organ”. The function of the dialysis tract is coordinated by the nerve and the endocrine system. The number of nerve cells is second only to the central nervous system and sensitive to psychological stimulation.When the pressure is too high, people’s digestive function will have an “emotional” reaction. Under the negative emotions of worry, anger, sadness, nervousness, etc., there will be loss of appetite, pain in the upper abdomen, acid reflux, heartburn, constipation and other symptoms.

[Recommendation]Maintain a good psychological state, correctly view life, and frustration at work.

In the face of serious anxiety and depression, it does not hinder the help of a psychiatrist.

If the symptoms such as flu rehabilitation are heavier, take appropriate medication under the guidance of a gastroenter.

Lack of exercise can excite the central nervous reflex stimulation of the hypothalamus and increase digestion and increase appetite.

During exercise, the abdominal breathing of the person will be strengthened, which can improve the blood circulation of the abdominal organs, and thus can promote the peristalsis of the insulin tract, thereby regulating the entire digestive tract.

Long-term lack of exercise can lead to loss of appetite, lack of gastric motility, easy to induce stomach, colorectal ultrasound and tumor.

[Recommended]Keep your kidneys healthy. To make yourself more active, you can choose Qigong, Tai Chi, walking, jogging, cycling, etc., exercise 3 times a week?
4 times.

Drug abuse Some drugs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, indomethacin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc., will directly or indirectly damage the gastric mucosa, causing peristalsis and ulcers.

The abuse of antibiotics stops the killing of normal flora in the body, leading to inhibition of pathogenic bacteria, leading to disturbance of flora.

[Recommended]Do not take the medicine by yourself when you are sick. Do not stop the medicine, change the medicine, increase or decrease the dose. You should consult the doctor in time and take the medicine as directed by your doctor.

Many people eat a lot of Chinese people to eat a lot of meals, several pairs of chopsticks in a dish sandwiched, easy to cause Helicobacter pylori infection.

Clinically, chronic gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, and even gastric cancer may be associated with Helicobacter pylori infection.

[Recommended]You must wash your hands before and after meals. It is recommended to implement a meal-sharing system during the meeting time. Promote the use of public chopsticks and allocate the amount you need from the dishes.

If you feel stomach upset, you can go to the hospital to do Helicobacter pylori infection check to prevent the development of a serious stomach disease.

People who are “picky” have a good stomach and picky food. For ordinary people, it means lack of nutrition. But for those who are not good at the stomach, avoiding certain “taboos” and taking the initiative to picky eaters can better protect the weak and weak.stomach.
People who eat less swelled beans and eat stomach gas are less likely to eat or not eat soy beans, black beans, mung beans and other ingredients, because they are more difficult to digest, and easy to produce gas.

Other miscellaneous beans, not cowpea, red beans, chickpeas, etc. can be eaten, but people with bad stomachs, it is best to soak the beans for more than 8 hours before cooking.

People with insufficient stomach motility are better to make the ingredients directly into a paste, and the digestion and absorption effect will be more secure.

In addition, coarse rice, millet, rhubarb and other whole grain ingredients are very healthy.

If you porridge, you can also add lotus seeds, dried yam, etc., and add some jujube and longan meat, which has both nutritional value and is very friendly to the stomach.

Vegetables with less bitter taste and bad stomach can consciously choose some warm stomach vegetables: pumpkin, which is rich in pectin, can protect the stomach from irritation; carrot can enhance spleen and stomach resistance; cabbageIt not only resists stomach ulcers, but also protects and repairs gastric mucosal tissue. It also keeps the cells in the stomach active and reduces the chance of complications.

But bitter vegetables, such as bitter gourd, lettuce, bitter chrysanthemum, etc., are mostly cold, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency should eat less.

Need to be reminded that vegetables may need to soften the fiber, and some also contain a certain amount of anti-nutritional substances, such as oxalic acid, they have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach, so people with bad stomachs are better not to eat raw vegetables.

Fruits eat less acidic acidic fruits, such as lemon, bayberry, hawthorn, grapes, plums, etc., people who are prone to chronic gastritis, pantothenic acid, will also cause some stimulation to patients with gastric ulcer, so try to eat less or not.

In addition, people with weak spleen and stomach are better not to eat cold pears, grapefruits, etc.

Apples, pears, peaches, bananas, pineapples and other fruits can be cooked and cooked, such as steamed, boiled soup, etc.

The temperament of the stomach that avoids too fat is like dryness and aversion to cold. Therefore, people with bad stomach can eat more meats that warm the stomach, such as beef and lamb.

You can choose warm squid for eating fish, because it is sweet and sweet, has the effect of replenishing phlegm and warming the stomach, and is most suitable for tofu with mushrooms.

In addition, high-fat fat meat will stimulate the digestive tract contraction, may slow the gastric emptying, increase constipation, may also accelerate gastrointestinal motility, leading to increased diarrhea.

The same is true for fried meat, which is not conducive to inherent health.

Therefore, it is best to choose cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, braising, and braising. It is not advisable to use methods such as frying and frying.

Seasoning control pepper volume ginger contains gingerol, can stimulate the nerve endings of the digestive tract, causing peristalsis, increase the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and intestinal digestive juice, thereby strengthening the spleen and stomach, increasing appetite, very suitable for people with stomach cold.

The star anise is also called anise. Its main ingredient is fennel oil, which can stimulate the inflammatory nerves, promote the secretion of digestive juice, increase the body’s peristalsis, and have the effect of strengthening the stomach and qi. It can relieve the fracture and relieve the pain.

People with bad spleen and stomach eat greasy amaranth and easily expand the gas. Adding anise can be applied.

However, pepper should be used less. Eating too much will destroy the sensitivity of nerve endings. Over time, the insulin mucosa will be damaged, and it will easily cause burning sensation in the stomach, leading to problems such as gastroesophageal reflux.

If you don’t drink cold, you can drink osmanthus tea, add some sweet sugar to dried sweet-scented osmanthus, and soak it in black tea.

Sweet-scented osmanthus warms and dispels cold, warms the stomach and relieves pain; brown sugar strengthens the spleen and warms the stomach, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis; black tea has the function of warming the spleen and stomach and helping digestion.

Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach and weak spleen and stomach can drink warm stomach, but people with hot and humid spleen and stomach are not suitable.
People with bad stomachs should drink less cold drinks, such as Kudingcha, otherwise they will aggravate the symptoms of spleen and stomach.