[What foods contain higher DHA]_DHA_How to eat_What to eat

[What foods contain higher DHA]_DHA_How to eat_What to eat

DHA is one of the important substances for the development of the human brain and retina, so many female friends will implant DHA during pregnancy in order to be smarter for babies born later.

In fact, in addition to supplementing DHA alone, there are many foods that are also DHA in life, and some phosphates contain more DHA.

First, what food contains DHA up to 1 breast milk.

Colostrum is especially rich in DHA.

However, the amount of DHA in the mother’s milk contains the food structure of the three meals.

Mothers in Japan eat fish scales, the DHA content in milk is as high as 22%, ranking first in the world; Americans are second, about 10%; and Americans are the lowest, only 7%.

2 formula milk powder.

Refers to DHA-added formula.

The so-called DHA content of milk powder is extremely small.

3 fish.

Fish with high DHA content include catfish, catfish, salmon, salmon, sardines, sardines, horse mackerels, swordfish, tuna, yellow croaker, saury, bonito, bandfish, bonito, etc. per 100 grams of fishThe DHA content can reach more than 1000 mg.

For a certain type of fish, the part with high DHA content is the most popular in the eye socket, followed by fish oil.

4 dried fruits.

Such as walnuts, almonds, peanuts, sesame and so on.

The alpha-linolenic acid contained in it can be converted into DHA in the human body.

Second, the classification of DHA 1 Fish oil products contain DHA and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

EPA is a precursor of DHA. It is quickly and mostly converted to DHA in human liver. Only a small part of it is converted to prostacyclin. This substance can prevent replacement of high signs.

However, if the EPA content of DHA products for pregnant women is too high, it may cause the baby to be underweight.

Therefore, the World Health Organization puts forward the principle that the ratio of DHA to EPA for DHA products supplemented to pregnant women, infants and young children is preferably 4: 1 or more.

2Select the product with “DHA ethylene glycol” on the bottle.

Because such DHA is extracted by molecular distillation equipment using advanced molecular distillation method, it can cause the mercury, lead, and heavy metals in the original fish oil to be precipitated and discarded in the waste liquid, so that the impurities and heavy metal content of the product are reduced or even not.

It is better not to choose those so-called pure natural fish oil products.

Because such a product is cheap, it contains too many impurities and the DHA content is sufficient. At the same time, the EPA content is too high.

Therefore, not everything is pure and natural, but also depends on what products and objects are used, pregnant women themselves are special groups, so you should be extra careful when choosing health products or nutrition products.