[The practice of salted duck hot pot]_how to do _ practice Daquan

[The practice of salted duck hot pot]_how to do _ practice Daquan

Hot pot is a kind of food that many people like to eat. After the improvement of people’s diet, various hot pots have appeared on people’s dining tables. Salted duck hot pot is one of them.

As the nutritional value of duck meat is relatively high and the taste is better, the popularity of salted duck hot pot is also relatively high.

So, what to do with salted duck hot pot?

The following is a detailed introduction to the practice and nutritional value of salted duck hot pot.

First, the practice of salted duck hot pot 1, salted duck warm water and drained!

The number of salted ducks depends on the number of people eating. One quarter of the salted ducks are used. The old ducks in the farmyard can be marinated or purchased in the supermarket.

2. Cut the cubes for use, you can see that the flesh is bright red and the duck skin is not scattered!

3, chopped salted duck under cold water, put more water, boil over high heat, and simmer on medium heat for half an hour.

4. At this time, prepare the ingredients for the soup base, no!

Can’t say it’s the ingredients, but the protagonist?
, 2 fresh Hericium mushrooms, 5 fresh abalones, 2 fresh winter bamboo shoots!

5. After the salted duck is stewed for half an hour, everyone can see that the soup is milky white and full of fragrance.

At this point, slice the bamboo shoots into the pot, and continue to simmer for 15 minutes.

6. Abalone is washed, shelled, and internal organs removed. Abalone meat is two.

7, open the lid, lower the abalone meat, continue to simmer for 5 minutes 8 while the stew time, take the baby almond roots, cut into sections, wash, put in the hot pot to prime

9. Then pour the stewed salted duck, winter bamboo shoots, and abalone together into the hot pot!

The soup is definitely not enough, and the soup used to stew the salted duck will be more salty. At this time, boiling water must be added, it must be boiling water!

Add until you feel enough!

Then continue to boil over medium heat!

10. Prepare side dishes in the process of boiling, customize the hot dish, slice the Hericium mushrooms, wash the Xiuzhen mushrooms, and take care of the coriander and thousand pieces of silk!

Hot dishes are based on your preferences. The salted duck hot pot has a thick soup. It is not recommended to hot meat.

Second, the nutritional analysis of duck meat The content of duck meat protein is higher than that of livestock meat, the content is slightly moderate and the distribution is more uniform, which is very delicious.

Contains more B vitamins and vitamin E than other meats, which can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and various metabolisms, and also anti-aging.

Duck meat is rich in niacin, which is one of the two important coenzymes in the human body, and has protective effects on patients with heart diseases such as myocardial infarction.

Third, the relative food of duck meat 1, duck meat can not be eaten with rabbit meat, bayberry, walnut, fungus, walnut, garlic, buckwheat.

2. Don’t eat duck with eggs, otherwise it will hurt the vitality of the human body.

3. Duck meat can not be eaten with the meat of the mandarin duck.