[Six grams of rock sugar]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

[Six grams of rock sugar]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

Rock sugar is actually the crystal shape of white sugar, and in the process of making sugar, the manufacturing process used is similar to white sugar.

But rock sugar has more procedures than ordinary white sugar, so the taste of rock sugar and white sugar is slightly different.

In the process of boiling soup, everyone will prefer to add rock sugar, because the soup made from rock sugar is sweeter.

But what food is equal to rock sugar?

Can rock sugar and eggs be eaten together? Rock sugar is a recrystallized sugar product. The content of impurities is close to 100%. It is a simple sugar that is easily absorbed and used by the human body.

It is rumored that eggs and saccharin cannot be eaten together, because saccharin is a chemical, it is not sugar, and rock sugar is not saccharin, so saccharin cannot be eaten with eggs, but rock sugar can.

Rock sugar can’t be eaten with anything. There are no contraindicated foods that can be eaten with other foods, such as rock sugar Tremella, beauty and beauty; rock sugar Sydney, phlegm and cough, etc. have their specific effects.

Rock sugar should be avoided for people: young and old, especially coughing with dry lungs, dry cough without sputum, and those who have sputum and blood should eat rock sugar in moderation, which will help relieve symptoms.

Blend the flavor and texture of black tea, coffee and food with rock sugar.

Rock sugar has a refreshing and non-greasy sweetness, and can be used to cook a variety of nourishing foods.

Avoid: Generally, people should not eat too much. People with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, pregnant women and children should eat less. Patients with diabetes and high blood sugar must not eat.

How to store rock sugar Sugar products such as rock sugar, borneol, and white sugar should be stored in a dry, cool place. It is best to seal the plastic bag or bottle after opening the packaging bag or box, or seal the plastic bag immediately after useKeep it tight and avoid being exposed to moisture and direct sunlight, otherwise sugar will easily turn yellow, sucrose will be transformed, and even microorganisms such as tuberculosis will grow.

The shelf life of sugar products is generally 18 months. Do not store them beyond the deadline. It is recommended that households store sugar for one month.