[Does the longan eat milk during lactation return milk?]_ Lactation period_milk reduction

[Does the longan eat milk during lactation return milk?]_ Lactation period_milk reduction

It is believed that many women always like to eat some high-metabolism foods during the lactation period, but foods like longan can be eaten, but not too much. Longan can be eaten because there is rich glucose, vitamin a and vitamins in it.d is helpful to improve the milk of lactating mothers, increase milk secretion, and prevent forgetfulness.

Can you eat longan during lactation? You can eat longan during lactation.

Longan has energy, protein, fiber supplements, carotene, cholesterol, thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, calcium, sodium, zinc and other nutrients. Eat longan to have blood and soothe the nerves, brain health, nourishEfficacy of the heart and spleen.

The effect of eating longan nourishing qi and nourishing blood just after delivery.

Childbirth requires a lot of physical energy. If you eat longan soup at this time, you can increase physical strength, stabilize your emotions, and restore the body’s effectiveness!

So you can eat longan during lactation.

Longan carboxylic acid vitamin A, vitamin B, glucose, etc., are very helpful for the recovery of lactating mothers, and also treat neurological disorders such as forgetfulness, heart distress and insomnia.

Experts suggest that breastfeeding mothers with insomnia and dreams can eat more longan, which can improve your sleep.

Studies have found that longan can inhibit uterine fibroids by more than 90%, so it is recommended that breastfeeding mothers can eat more longan to help prevent uterine cancer.

How to eat longan in lactation period: Longan meat porridge ingredients: 30 grams of longan meat, 100 grams of rice, 20 grams of jujube, sugar.

Production: 1. Wash the longan meat and rice with water; the jujube is washed and then pitted and cut into pellets.

2. Take 1 clay pot, pour an appropriate amount of water, boil over medium heat, add rice, and cook until the rice blooms.

3. Add jujube and longan meat, add sugar, and use a low-heat pot for about 10 minutes before serving.

Health Tips: Longan has high nutritional value, absorbs vitamin C, a lot of trace elements that are beneficial to human health, has the effect of strengthening the stomach and spleen, soothing blood.

This recipe is delicious and nutritious.

Ingredients for longan stew chicken soup: 1 chai chicken (about 1000g), 30 dried longan, 5g rock sugar, 1 teaspoon (5g) salt made: 1, dehaired and viscera (chicken gizzard, chicken heart and chicken liver left) after slaughter of chai chicken,Rinse with running water and chop into medium-sized pieces.

Dry dried longan shelled for future use.

2. Boil the water in the pot on high fire, add the cut chicken pieces, and blanch for 3 minutes to remove them to remove impurities and blood foam.

3. Add the scalded chicken pieces to the pressure cooker, add the peeled Guiyuan, rock sugar and salt, and then add an appropriate amount of cold water (the amount of water depends on personal circumstances, if you like soup, add more water, if you do n’t like itAdd less water).

4. Heat on high heat, turn to medium-low heat after steaming from pressure cooker, and cook for 15 minutes.

5. After the pressure cooker is decompressed, open the lid, pour the chicken soup and chicken nuggets into the earthen pot, and continue to cook for 30 minutes on a medium-low heat.