[Fengdu spicy chicken nuggets]_How to do_How to do

[Fengdu spicy chicken nuggets]_How to do_How to do

Fengdu Spicy Chicken Nuggets, commonly known as Ghost Town Spicy Chicken, is a very famous traditional snack. After continuous improvement, it belongs to Chongqing’s famous food.

Fengdu spicy chicken nuggets have very deep regional characteristics, which are characterized by hemp and moderate, not too hot, and spicy and fragrant. As long as you have eaten Fengdu spicy chicken nuggets, you will definitely be impressed. We can understand the practiceTry to cook it yourself.

Let’s take a look at the method below.

Spicy chicken nuggets is a traditional snack in Fengdu. It belongs to the Sichuan cuisine pedigree, but it has its own characteristics and has strong regional characteristics.

Fengdu belongs to the eastern Sichuan Basin. The climate is sultry and penetrating. Most of the food is replaced by pepper and pepper, which is used to remove wind and moisture.

Fengdu spicy chicken nuggets free-range chicken once a year, add ginger, pepper, cinnamon, star anise and equivalent after slaughter.

After boiling, cool the slices and place on a plate, then pour the prepared seasoning and stir well.

The spicy chicken nuggets are paid attention to triple oil triple oil, triple oil is oil spicy, red oil, sesame oil; triple oil is pepper weight, pepper pepper weight, soup brine weight, so processed spicy chicken, set color, flavor, flavor, typeIn one body, the color is bright and fresh, the flavor is strong and full of flavor, the taste is spicy and sweet, the shape of the chicken is beautiful, the meat at the entrance is strong and crisp, it can be described as spicy and powerful, the flesh is strong, the aftertaste is long, and it is worthy of “Chinese famous snack”Called.

In Fengdu, when it comes to snacks, be sure to taste the famous Fengdu spicy chicken.

No matter the streets or alleys, or restaurant restaurants, you can see red and bright, numb and moderate, spicy without fire, spicy and fragrant, thick and mellow, meat tender and crisp, fat but not greasy spicy chicken.

There are more than 100 shops in Fengdu County, and there are countless small-scale workshop vendors. There are restaurants, restaurants, farmers’ markets, and streets all around the county.

Ghost Town spicy chicken pieces have a tangy aroma, fleshy skin, smooth, crisp but quite flavorful, the meat is firm and firm but not gritted, and the special earthen chicken wrapped in red oil and sesame has slag in the mouth. The spicy aftertaste is a touch of presenceIf it is not sweet, it is loved by the local people and tourists everywhere.

Production process selection of chicken: selection of high-grade free-range chickens, about a year old, 2-3 kg, after the slaughter, hair removal, disinfection, rinse, drain and set aside.

Boil chicken: add salt to the water, soak the rice wine for three hours, then add water to the iron pot, add ginger, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, salt, etc. After boiling, put the chicken in the same boil.Dry and let cool. After the chicken has been cooled, slice the chicken and place it on a plate.

Spicy hot peppers: use an iron pan to stir-fry the peppers over low heat until the crispy fragrant pans are cooled, and after cooling, mash the thick pepper noodles into the pot.

Heat the wok on high heat, pour the vegetable oil essence to eight maturity, pour it on the surface of the pepper, stir constantly, and cool for 20 minutes after mixing, then add sesame oil and walnut, peanut, and sesame fine powder.

Red oil: Pack the extremely finely ground paprika in a container, cook the vegetable oil in a pot until it is eighth ripe, and then cool it for ten minutes, then pour it on the noodles, mix well and cool for twenty minutes and add an appropriate amount of sesame oil for later use.

Soup brine: Add boiled chicken soup to ginger, amomum, white crown, cinnamon, clove, grass fruit, peppercorn, fennel, etc., and simmer for two hours to form a rich soup brine.

Mixing: Mix the hot and spicy oil, red oil, soup brine, add salt, sugar, etc. and stir well. Pour it on the chicken pieces that have been installed on the plate and serve immediately.